Letter from Emmett Till’s Mother

mamie-till-mobleyOther than photos of my wife and children, this is perhaps my most meaningful possession. This letter from Emmett Till’s mother (Mamie Till Mobley), was a significant factor in the healing of my heart. When I learned of the murder of Emmett Till (which many historians cite as the unofficial beginning of the Civil Rights Movement), I was devastated in an unhealthy way. Truthfully, even to this day, I have never stopped thinking about Emmett and the men who were never brought to justice…even though he was murdered many years before I was born. I poured-out my heart in a letter to his mother, Mamie Till-Mobley expressing the burden I had about her son’s death. In the letter, I committed to telling others about Emmett. Receiving this response from Mrs. Till-Mobley did more for me than words can express. She passed away in 2003.