About This Collection

“I do not live in the past, but the past walks in me.” —Louisa Brown

For over two decades I have been collecting artifacts from the greatest era in modern history: the Civil Rights Movement. Originally, this collection began as an effort to connect to the history on a visceral level by holding these papers and objects in my hand and taking time to imagine those who were most impacted. Now, I am exploring all available options to ensure that this collection receives as much public exposure as possible.

The categories of Slavery, Segregation, Civil Rights, and Racism are all important in telling the story. Though some artifacts can fit in more than one category, I have done my best to choose the category that is most appropriate. The “Racism” category, while disturbing, is important in telling the story. Without knowing the WHOLE story, the story is incomplete.

The story must be told.

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Chris Preitauer
San Diego, CA