About This Collection

“I do not live in the past, but the past walks in me.” —Louisa Brown

For over twenty five years I have been collecting artifacts from the greatest era in modern history: the American Civil Rights Movement. Originally, this collection began as an effort to connect to the history on a visceral level by holding these papers and objects in my hands and mentally taking myself to the times, the places, and the people. Now, I am exploring all available options to ensure that this collection receives as much public exposure as possible.

The categories of Slavery, Segregation, Civil Rights, and Racism are all important in telling the story, but from the ghastly to the glorious, the intricacies of Black history cannot be contained by these four categories. As a result, the URL “www.blackhistorycollection.org” is a misnomer. Still, the totality of this collection attempts to tell an inspiring story of overcoming against the greatest of odds.

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Chris Preitauer
San Diego, CA